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At Maurice Mathews psychic service expect a miracle

We are proud to announce nothing but the very best in psychic service across NZ. Our staff is some of the most highly trained psychics available in New Zealand. When you call one of our amazing psychics expect nothing but the best service available in the country.

When you scroll down our page expect to see amazing paranormal psychics who are totally dedicated to helping you. Whether it be helping you in love, romance, travel or sport our team of highly trained readers have you covered.

If you are thinking of having a go at changing your life we urge you to step forward take control and implement those little steps that will help you become that person you know you can be.

Amongst our readers we have psychics who can heal your pain and have you the client in a state of mind that is positive, creative and fulfilling. We aim to deliver you the most powerful experts available in New Zealand.

Our team of psychics

Our team have nothing but the best intentions. We are not interested in dragging out a phone call. We do not read of scripts, nor do we have staff without psychic ability. This has made the phone psychic industry a point of pain in many everyday conversations.

We bring honesty and integrity to the phone psychic realm.

Be honest with you reader and let them know exactly what you expect from your phone session. We will always answer you honestly and let you know what is realistic and what is not.

Whether you are after a spiritual experience that lasts the rest of your life or you are just interested in receiving a message from a past loved one our experts will help guide you to a new found world full of joy and love.

How we pick our psychic experts

We pick our psychic experts by simply having a formula that works. We have tested this formula over many years and part of our selection process is testing their natural abilitys.

No one is chosen who does not have a massive ammount of supernatural ability in at least one chosen area.

Psychic tarot, astrology, medium channeling,  clairvoyance, dream interpretation, fortune telling are just a few of the natural abilities our readers posses and hold.